Hash Jafrani has been a Pastor for more than 20 years in the Houston area. After 20 years of
successful healthcare management, he was called into ministry. He worked with three Fortune
500 companies at senior management levels. In 1988, he started his own healthcare
management company. With God’s help within five years, Jafrani Enterprises had 100
million in revenues and 200 employees. He sold his business to heed the call to ministry in

Pastor Hash Jafrani founded Joshua International Ministries ( JIM ) in 1995. JIM is a church
planting, prophetic ministry. It is uniquely known for training, motivating and equipping church
leaders, men, and businessmen. He has traveled extensively around the world as a speaker for
revivals in churches and in the marketplace. Some of the countries he has traveled to recently
are: Nicaragua, Panama, Brazil, Mexico, El Salvador, Pakistan, Cuba, Puerto Rico, and Bulgaria.
He has had his own radio and television ministry. He has been a guest on Trinity Broadcasting
Ministry, and other television and radio ministries on a regular basis. He has ministered to as many
as 20,000 people in person and millions through radio and television.