Joshua International Ministries, Inc. is a church planting prophetic ministry since 1995. We are a
fivefold ministry, and our goals are to mature Christians through Schools of Ministry, Schools of
Prophets, Schools of Prophesy, Bible Colleges, Preaching and Teaching the Eternal Word of God.
We have planted many Schools of Ministries around the World. Our plans are to plant two year
Bible Colleges in areas where there is a need. We are committed to mentoring men and women
to make disciples for Jesus.
Success Centers are being planted around the World to train the church, business and
government leaders in management and leadership.

Pastor Hash Jafrani is traveling to Karachi, Pakistan in March of 2018, to start a two year Joshua
Bible College with the help of 40 Pastors. Karachi is a city of 20 million population, which has
more than 98% Muslim. We have supported a new orphanage, since it’s inception for the last
two years.
He will be doing three healing crusades and is believing the Word from the Lord, that revival is
coming to Pakistan. 
He will also be doing a Two Day Leadership Training Seminar for 200 Pastors in Karachi,
Pakistan. He is coveting your prayer and financial support for this trip. Please pray for the
following: 1. Protection 2. Wisdom on trip 3. Financial Support for Orphans ( James 1:27 ) and
Bible College. ( Hebrews 5:12-14 ).


In 2018, he plans to appoint a National Director for Pakistan Joshua Bible Colleges. The
mandate of the individual is to appoint Provincial and City Directors, who in turn will plant
Joshua Bible Colleges all over Pakistan. Pakistan’s Population is 200 million, 95-97 % are
In 2018, he plans to plant Success Centers for Leadership Training all over Pakistan. On his trip
to Pakistan in March, he plans to appoint a National Director for all of Pakistan Success Centers.
His mandate is to plant Success Centers all over Pakistan with the help of Provincial and City


Pastor Hash is doing a two day crusades on April, 27 and 28, 2018. He has plans to do
Leadership Seminar for the Leaders in Nicaragua on April 26, 2018. He plans to start a Success
Center in Nicargua on this trip. He will appoint a National Director for The Success Centers in
Nicaragua, whose mandate is to appoint City Directors, who will help him plant Success Centers
around Nicaragua.


Here at home, Pastor Hash pastors Joshua Church located in Sugar Land, a suburb of Houston, Texas.
His core leadership team consists of:
Keith Romans - Men's Ministry
Jackie Rangel - Women's Ministry

If you would like to get involved with the local church, we are looking for leaders for the following
Intercessory Prayer
Worship Leader
Children's Minister
Healthcare Ministry Lead
Prison Ministry Lead
Homeless and Food Ministry Lead

If you are interested in any of the above ministries, please call 281 750 9694